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Wi-Fi is calling. Are CSPs listening?

Wi-Fi is calling. Are CSPs listening?

Communication service providers are leading the digital transformation but also have to calibrate business strategies as per evolving trends. Voice is alive but the mobile voice revenues are declining in the highly competitive mobile industry. Data revenues are increasing, but they may not be able to offset the loss in voice revenues. While a few Read More

Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Solutions Revolution

Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Revolution

Meet us at Wireless Global Congress, Liverpool Global Wi-Fi Market is forecasted to grow to 33.6 Billion USD by 2020 [1]. Ever imagined what would be your share from this anticipated net worth? With the digitization fuelling in, by 2020, smartphones will represent 48.1% of global mobile-connected devices in use, and generate 80.8% of total Read More

How to secure your VoWi-Fi strategy

How to secure your VoWi-Fi strategy

VoWiFi or Wi-Fi calling offers Telcos a new service opportunity and a service differentiator. With VoWiFi, the operators can now extend reach of VoLTE in spotty indoor or remote uneven coverage areas, offer uniform service experience, increase ARPU along with reducing 3G/LTE congestion and no-coverage instances with the traffic offload to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi calling Read More

How Wi-Fi Calling is finding its voice?

The exponential increase in the smart devices and falling call rates is pushing the voice usage services multi-folds. While voice communications continue to evolve we have entered a new era, with Wi-Fi Calling. With Wi-Fi coming in to complement existing networks and helping keep the user connected with better quality, the rise of Wi-Fi Calling Read More

MWC 2016 key take-away: Know how CSPs can Innovate, Optimize and Differentiate in a Wi-Fi World


     With the Mobile World Congress 2016 is abuzz as the event reaches its culmination. We have been able to witness new technological advancement, demos, several product launches, exciting announcements for the road ahead. The entire mobile industry is embarking on the journey of transformation and pioneering the digital disruption. Looking closely at the snapshot of Read More

Seize the Wi- Fi moment at MWC 2016


As the Mobile market continues to mature up more revenue opportunities are generated for mobile network operators, who are raring to monetize services. This is very well evident in the trend – everything is mobile, be it Finance, Healthcare, Education, Communication, Security, Home automation. Few new services are untouched by a mobile component, which is Read More

Generating Revenue smartly through WI-FI SMP in Smart Cities. Beyond simple connectivity.

Generating Revenue smartly through WI-FI SMP in Smart Cities. Beyond simple connectivity.

     The right implementation of Wi-Fi infrastructure equipped with intelligent service management platform can reinvent connectivity ecosystem for customers while at the same time creating better value for the overall stakeholders  There is a global movement towards embracing smart technologies weaving connectivity and communications in togetherness today. This movement is happening in various geographies and giving Read More

Rising Wi-Fi opportunities to boost profitability

Rising Wi-Fi opportunities to boost profitability

      With Wi-Fi deployments making huge strides across the globe, the Wi-Fi platform is also evolving rapidly. It is poised to revolutionize the services Wi-Fi can launch. This advancing Wi-Fi landscape offers new opportunities for service providers to drive higher profitability. Here are a few noteworthy options which can enable service providers to propel ahead with Read More

An ‘App’ic story: Mobile Apps rejuvenating the Wi-Fi ecosystem


      In today’s scenario, telecom operators are looking forward to extending their reach, while adding value towards their customers in order to revitalize their growth strategy. And Wi-Fi is becoming quite central to achieve this goal. Wi-Fi is fast becoming ubiquitous. People constantly scan for Wi-Fi hotspots and are looking for free Wi-Fi wherever possible. It Read More

Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – 2

Concluding contract

With smart devices funnelling large volumes of data into telecom networks, operators and communication service providers are looking at innovative ways to deliver their services and at the same time monetize on their network investments – this is where Wi-Fi is becoming their biggest ally and delivering unique value proposition to their customers. In Continuation Read More