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The Wi-Fi landscape is changing…FASTA FASTA

The Wi-Fi landscape is changing...FASTA FASTA in Africa

Africa is participating in the telecom revolution as aggressively as the rest of the world albeit at a higher phase cycle. The late start gives it an advantage to enter directly with next-gen services rather than evolving from the analogue stage. The markets and user demands in Africa are quick to shift towards digital services. Read More

Public Wi-Fi takes Center Stage as Carriers’ Next Big Strategy

  To meet subscribers’  demand for ‘Anytime, Anywhere‘ connectivity,  operators are connecting Carrier Wi-Fi to public places like Hospitality, Cafes, Airports, Stadiums, Malls, Event Venues, Airplanes, Metro Stations, Government & Educational Institutions and more. Operators are continuously exploring Public Wi-Fi opportunities to deliver enhanced user experience and generate revenue streams by offering differentiated services to their subscribers. Read More