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Know 4 ways how Wi-Fi is smarter in monetisation models

Know 4 ways how Wi-Fi is smarter in monetisation models

      A t-shirt proclaimed ‘I don’t need you, I have Wi-Fi’. In this digital world, Wi-Fi is almost the staple bread of the data hungry world.  With such flair, Wi-Fi has taken the telecom landscape by storm reshaping and impacting the strategies for many telcos. Moreover, in the buzz of many cities from across the globe Read More

In Telecom change is constant. Customers are not!


      The rapidly evolving telecom market and the evolving business models have customer expectations charged up from getting the services delivered from near real time to pure real time. With the industry taking shape and focus shifting to Digital transformation, analytics, M2M / IoT, Cloud / NFV as well as Multi-channel customer engagement platforms being launched, Read More

Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – Part I


With the communication service providers increasingly adopting Wi-Fi to strengthen their network efficiency – there is much more to what Wi-Fi can offer to the operator community. We are presenting some of the ways, Wi-Fi can kick-start the monetization wheel for operators.  1) Wi-Fi drives Mobile Data Offloading As operators and CSPs grapple with humongous Read More

Achieving Big Gains – Mobile Advertising, Monetized by Wi-Fi

Mobile Advertising is emerging as a preferred option for telecom operators who are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their revenue streams. Reaching out to consumers with advertising based on Wi-Fi access holds great potential to revolutionize the economics of mobile advertising. With access technology behind its back, Wi-Fi can provide much more accurate Read More

Powering Monetization for Wi-Fi networks

Better intelligence driven data analytics techniques are providing a solid platform for operators to increase their chances of monetizing their networks With more and more operators moving towards an era of heterogeneous networks, where different technologies such as 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi coexist, it is increasingly getting down to their ability to monetize subscriber Read More

Analytics Can Monetize Big Data for Telecoms

Intelligent Analytics tools and applications can address Big Data challenge for operators and push their profitability ahead Big Data is gaining momentum as far as IT world is concerned and it is fast making its way into the telecom world as well, while the definition of Big Data is different for IT and telecom domains, Read More

Pre-integrated BSS Solution Gets Greenfield Service Providers to Market Faster with LTE

Greenfield deployments—network installations where none previously existed—offer service providers ample competitive advantages and revenue opportunities. But speed is key in this process, and getting to market fast is exceedingly important given today’s ever-competitive marketplace. Therefore, Greenfield service providers looking to launch their new Long Term Evolution (LTE) data services should rely on complete, pre-integrated stacks Read More

Intelligent Data Monetization Services a Must for Meeting ‘Concept-to-Cash’ Requirements

The demand for innovation and higher revenue generation has yet to slow down. Today’s mobile network operators (MNOs) have found themselves amidst an ongoing digital revolution full of new and improved services like 4G, or Long Term Evolution (LTE), service. Therefore, operators with plans for LTE monetization must start executing their plans sooner rather than Read More