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Monetizing Policy & Charging

Monetizing Policy & Charging

     How CSPs can make use of this great opportunity to boost revenue & offer superior user experience? High reliance on the internet and increasing smartphone usage are influencing day-to-day activities of consumers. There is a growing need for uninterrupted high-speed internet access, interactive value-added services, and continuous evolution in data networks, which all pushes communication Read More

BSS Transformation Critical to Realizing Full Potential of LTE

Deployment of 4G LTE services on global scale is driving transformation of mobile service in creating new opportunities but at the same time, it is also putting forth complex challenges for the Communication Service Provider (CSP) community. One such huge challenge comes in the form of adapting their BSS solutions and services in order to Read More

The Perks of an Online Charging System (OCS) for Billing Operators

As a telecommunications service provider, you need to offer more than basic connectivity  for your end users. You need to provide strong customer service, too. Billing needs to be offered in real-time and it should reflect the customer’s most current usage in order to mitigate confusion delays in payment—and ensure that you get the compensation Read More

Role of PCRF for Next Generation network

Policy and charging rules function (PCRF)—policy equipment for bandwidth and charging on multimedia networks—supports service data flow protection, policy enforcement and flow-based charging. The technology works by accessing and aggregating a number of information sources, such as subscriber databases and operational support systems (OSS), to determine accurate pricing models for mobile network operators (MNOs) looking Read More