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MWC 2016 key take-away: Know how CSPs can Innovate, Optimize and Differentiate in a Wi-Fi World


     With the Mobile World Congress 2016 is abuzz as the event reaches its culmination. We have been able to witness new technological advancement, demos, several product launches, exciting announcements for the road ahead. The entire mobile industry is embarking on the journey of transformation and pioneering the digital disruption. Looking closely at the snapshot of Read More

Seize the Wi- Fi moment at MWC 2016


As the Mobile market continues to mature up more revenue opportunities are generated for mobile network operators, who are raring to monetize services. This is very well evident in the trend – everything is mobile, be it Finance, Healthcare, Education, Communication, Security, Home automation. Few new services are untouched by a mobile component, which is Read More

Walking the Monetization Talk: Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP – LIVE from Operator-defined Location (McDonald’s)

(At Elitecore, we presently have over 14+ case studies of service provider Wi-Fi deployment across different countries: India, Middle-East and Africa, South East Asia and APAC regions.  One of our operator clients in India is betting big on the consumer Wi-Fi market as an alternate access technology towards complementing 3G-4G networks.  We recently put ourselves Read More

Giving a Hi5 to Residential Wi-Fi

Where do you think most people primarily need Wi-Fi connectivity? According to Parks Associates, by 2017, over 820 million households worldwide will have Internet service, with more than 94% of it being on broadband. Averagely, 60-70% users across Europe, US and UK have Wi-FI penetration.  It means neither public nor private hotspots come any close Read More

Making Wi-Fi more Worthwhile through New Business Models

Worldwide, service providers have substantially increased their investment in Wi-Fi with an aim to monetize 3G/4G broadband services as both subscribers and devices tend to connect to Wi-Fi wherever it is in range. This trend will continue for the next few years because Wi-Fi is seen as a perfect way to reinforce capacity in high Read More

Giving a Hi5 to Wi-Fi: Pun Intended

Elitecore was present at the 2012 edition of Mobile World Congress, Barcelona’s annual jamboree for the who’s who of telecom industry. With over 65000 attendees and nearly 1500 companies, we saw several interesting developments from mobile industry: superphones like Galaxy Beam, enterprise apps, Mobile money, Cloud-based technologies etc. Another interesting note was Wi-Fi offload generating Read More