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Are IP Networks merely ‘Dumb tubes’ ?


    Why despite increasing market base, Telecom operators are under tremendous pressure to better their ROI from core infrastructure investments? Having invested billions of dollars in setting up the Network Infrastructure and other support services operators are still not able to leverage them for better margins. On the other hand OTT players and useers are leveraging Read More

Leverage Wi-Fi with Advertising platform

Leverage Wi-fi with Advertising platform.

Advertisements taking a leap, revolutionizing the model of Wi-Fi monetization At a time when there is a phenomenal increase in the usage of smart devices, customers are looking forward to data rich experience. In such a scenario CSPs are facing a challenge of delivering real-time personalized content driven experience to their customers. At the same Read More

How Carriers Can Re-imagine Innovation with Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

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With a number of telecom operators vying to optimize their network infrastructure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi has emerged as a great technology of choice that can drive communication service providers towards better utilization of their resources and at the same time, be innovative towards data delivery for their customers. As a result, the whole of year 2014 Read More

Winning the OTT Battle, the Monetization Way


Today’s telecom operators are ready to partner with OTT players, rather than taking them as their competition – and create innovative monetization models Few years ago; to place a phone call, you picked up your phone, dialed a number and paid the operator charges. Today’s consumers have multiple choices on how they communicate via text Read More

Wi-Fi – Scripting a Revolution in Internet of Things (IoT)

Wi-Fi – Scripting a Revolution in Internet of Things (IoT)

As a number of research organisations are predicting, we will soon be finding ourselves amidst more than 50 billion connected things by the end of year 2020. This is a phenomenal figure and is being powered by a number of Internet of Things commonly known as IoT concepts around connecting multiple planes of devices, objects Read More

Market Technology Trends in OSS/BSS

  Below are few technology trends in OSS/BSS for 2015: LTE Monetization – Mobile Operators are facing tougher operating environment, encompassing saturated markets, stringent regulation guidelines, high spectrum acquisition cost, and huge Capex requirement for nationwide network rollouts. So it has become an imperative need for the operator to monetize their LTE Network with next Read More

Why Operators Need Better LTE Monetization Strategy

Today’s telecom operators are facing a double edged sword in the form of tough data-driven business dynamics where technological landscape is fast changing from 3G to 4G as well as a challenge coming from diminishing profitability. In such a scenario, operators need to devise a strategy where they look at better monetization coming in from Read More

Top Reasons Operators Should Increase Mobile App Usage for Driving Revenue

From social networking to instant messaging, games to online deals, navigation searching to photo sharing…in today’s smart phone era, everyone is using apps for communicating and sharing data. An average consumer is estimated to spend approximately two hours every day using and engaging with mobile applications. This digitized age has opened a large door for Read More

Breaking the Barriers of Wi-Fi Monetization for MNOs

As a mobile network operator (MNO), your company supplies essential Wi-Fi service to business owners. But are you profiting as much as you can off of the network access that you are supplying? Here are three ways that you can better monetize the services that you offer: Network location awareness (NLA): NLA services collect user Read More

Decoding Public Wi-Fi

As today’s operators find it hard to cope with the data deluge, they need to decode Wi-Fi and make this wonderful technology work for them in a better manner Not long ago, there was a time when the Wi-Fi symbol used to be found only at select coffee shops in big cities to indicate that Read More