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How Wi-Fi Calling is finding its voice?

The exponential increase in the smart devices and falling call rates is pushing the voice usage services multi-folds. While voice communications continue to evolve we have entered a new era, with Wi-Fi Calling. With Wi-Fi coming in to complement existing networks and helping keep the user connected with better quality, the rise of Wi-Fi Calling Read More

Know Wi-Fi Aware – the proximity connect with personalized experience

Know Wi-Fi Aware - the proximity connect with personalized experience

Wi-Fi Aware will bring proximity-based service discovery to Wi-Fi devices and as a result, smart devices will be aware of nearby services even before connecting to internet As today’s consumers are getting overwhelmed with connected social, local and mobile applications, Wi-Fi is fast becoming the glue that is weaving different applications in a single thread Read More

Giving a Hi5 to Residential Wi-Fi

Where do you think most people primarily need Wi-Fi connectivity? According to Parks Associates, by 2017, over 820 million households worldwide will have Internet service, with more than 94% of it being on broadband. Averagely, 60-70% users across Europe, US and UK have Wi-FI penetration.  It means neither public nor private hotspots come any close Read More

Try a Framework Approach to Wi-Fi Monetization

If there was one missing piece for mobile operators trying to solve their Wi-Fi puzzle, it would be having a practical revenue model that can guarantee new sources of income! Indeed, most operators would agree that having Wi-Fi offerings in their portfolio significantly boosts customer satisfaction while reducing churn but that also brings the question Read More

Giving a Hi5 to Wi-Fi: Pun Intended

Elitecore was present at the 2012 edition of Mobile World Congress, Barcelona’s annual jamboree for the who’s who of telecom industry. With over 65000 attendees and nearly 1500 companies, we saw several interesting developments from mobile industry: superphones like Galaxy Beam, enterprise apps, Mobile money, Cloud-based technologies etc. Another interesting note was Wi-Fi offload generating Read More

Find a place in the heart – and wallet – of your Smart phone User

In the last blog entry, we saw how operators are being left out of the mobile app value chain even as OTT providers and device manufacturers make a beeline for the cash rich segment. The role of a Policy Manager has become critical for operators to regulate subscriber broadband usage, however the policy solution that Read More

Are Smart Devices/Apps Creating New Opportunities or loss?

An Era of Unpredictable Data Usage Trends – Addressing Monetization Challenges with Multi-dimensional Policy Approach Take an example of a typical user called Sonali. She’s eighteen-something, studies in college and spends 600 minutes everyday on iPhone. Her day starts on a Snooze alarm with the musical player, Last.fm playing in the background while she gets Read More