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Operator need to transform Service Provisioning into Service Enabling

Operator need to transform Service Provisioning into Service Enabling

      With the ever growing adoption of smart mobile devices, the demand for Wi-Fi access to stay connected to the internet regardless of the location (airport, stadium, public events, hotels or travel etc.) is also increasing. Although networks like 3G and 4G are now available at most of the countries, it is interesting to know Wi-Fi Read More

Wi-Fi: Enabling Connected Smart City for a Better Tomorrow

  As communication technology is expanding its envelope of opportunities and possibilities, experts believe that Wi-Fi can be the connectivity fabric that can weave the concepts of Smart Cities of tomorrow and drive profitability for the Communications Service Providers and telecom operators. Powered by seamless communication exchange, smart cities are going to be amazing community Read More

Cities Embrace Municipal Wi-Fi to Unravel New Opportunities

With the proliferation of smart devices, consumer data intake is growing and this is where operators need Wi-Fi in order to cater to this growing need of wireless data. Most of this wireless data is generated when users are stationary and indoors. Industry experts believe that most of operator investments will go to Wi-Fi in Read More