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The A.B.C. for Wi-Fi Monetization

The A.B.C. for Wi-Fi Monetization

Analytics, Branding and Advertisements, Captive Portal Once considered “the other” technology, Wi-Fi, now has entered into the main line strategies of telcos. As, Wi-Fi has come to rescue to cope up with the tremendous surge in the mobile data traffic. Moreover, the rapid and exponential growth in the digitalization of various enterprises, businesses, and organizations Read More

Wi-Fi Portals-Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

Wi-Fi Portals - Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

         It is rightly said, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. This thought very well holds true for the CSPs as well in terms of creating their impression on their customers. There are many customer facing platforms in the market which helps CSPs to befriend their customer by making their user Read More

Achieving Big Gains – Mobile Advertising, Monetized by Wi-Fi

Mobile Advertising is emerging as a preferred option for telecom operators who are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their revenue streams. Reaching out to consumers with advertising based on Wi-Fi access holds great potential to revolutionize the economics of mobile advertising. With access technology behind its back, Wi-Fi can provide much more accurate Read More

Breaking the Barriers of Wi-Fi Monetization for MNOs

As a mobile network operator (MNO), your company supplies essential Wi-Fi service to business owners. But are you profiting as much as you can off of the network access that you are supplying? Here are three ways that you can better monetize the services that you offer: Network location awareness (NLA): NLA services collect user Read More