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Mobile Apps–Money Spinner for Telco’s

Mobile Apps-Money Spinner for Telco’s

Jerry has been helping his ill father to manage his mobile bills. In the month of March Jerry’s father was wrongly billed for a service which he did not subscribe. To get the charges reversed, Jerry called operators customer care. He had to wait for 3 minutes and listen to promotional IVRs to connect to Read More

6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care


    With the exponential growth of Smartphone users, operators are looking for ways and means to proactively communicate and engage with their customers. In addition to the traditional ways of communicating with the users, a latest customer care tool has opened up new avenues for such communication. A support tool trend of Mobile Self Care is Read More

Self Care Service the next frontier in enhancing profitability for telecoms

With the exponential growth of smartphones and next generation networks, operators are looking for smarter ways to connect and engage with their subscribers and this is where the concept of ‘self-care’ is helping operators in terms of uplifting their APRU by enabling self-service user interface. At a time when end customers look for better experience Read More