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MVNOs resurgence in India

MVNOs resurgence in India

       With 1.2Bn telecom subscriptions India’s telecom market is 2nd largest in the world after China. It can, perhaps, be characterized as large and over competitive market due to high density of service providers leading to one of the lowest call rates, consequently, declining revenues, higher operating and high regulatory costs above all this. Moreover, the Read More

Rise of MVNO market in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand

Rise of MVNO market in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand

MVNOs have been around since the launch of first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) i.e. Virgin Mobile, UK in 1999. According to GSMA intelligence, as of the end of 2015, the world’s Mobile Network Operator (MNOs) hosted 1038 MVNOs and 277 MNO sub-brands. But the recent gains – according to latest estimates the global MVNO Read More

Are MVNOs more relevant in matured markets?

Are MVNOs more relevant in matured markets?

                              In a fiercely competitive telecom landscape Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNOs) are budding up pretty quickly, as they make better business sense. MVNOs essentially resell voice and data services of a larger operator. Several reasons why MNO’s allow such MVNOs Read More

Co-existence of 4G / LTE & Wi-Fi for last mile connectivity

Co-existence of 4G / LTE & Wi-Fi for last mile connectivity

Seems like, 4G/LTE is set to be the most promising mainstream technology for years to come. The global number of 4G-LTE connections is expected to pass 2.5 billion covering over 63% of world’s population by 2020, according to a new study by GSMA Intelligence. LTE provides significantly increased peak data rates, with the potential for Read More

In Telecom change is constant. Customers are not!


      The rapidly evolving telecom market and the evolving business models have customer expectations charged up from getting the services delivered from near real time to pure real time. With the industry taking shape and focus shifting to Digital transformation, analytics, M2M / IoT, Cloud / NFV as well as Multi-channel customer engagement platforms being launched, Read More

Are IP Networks merely ‘Dumb tubes’ ?


    Why despite increasing market base, Telecom operators are under tremendous pressure to better their ROI from core infrastructure investments? Having invested billions of dollars in setting up the Network Infrastructure and other support services operators are still not able to leverage them for better margins. On the other hand OTT players and useers are leveraging Read More

How Convergent Billing will be ‘Engine of Growth’ for MSPs

With most of the multi service operators or MSPs looking forward to increasing growth prospects by streamlining customer engagement with their customers, convergent billing is set to become their engine for achieving this growth in the near future. As per the latest market research reports, the sector will expand at a compound annual growth rate Read More

LTE, the Next Frontier for Data and Voice

As next generation telecoms development is increasingly relying upon harnessing the power of data, a large number of telecom operators are looking forward to upgrading their networks to incorporate true next generation capabilities and this is where 4G LTE is fast gaining popularity as a favored technology and is surely becoming the next frontier for Read More

Navigating the Digital Storm Worldwide – LTE

As global operators move towards a data driven era, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is fast becoming the de facto standard, when it comes to maximizing their returns from their network investment as well as enabling better data driven services for their end customers. Hence a lot of telecom experts opine that LTE will become a Read More

VoLTE v/s OTT (VOIP) – the future of Voice Communication

Is it really going to affect you? Let’s find out. Wireless operators across the world are retreating from their older networks and are replacing them with new super speedy 4G LTE networks. However they still face the voice challenge for LTE waiting for VoLTE to become a viable commercial alternative. Industry experts predict that around Read More