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Guest Wi-Fi Solution: Communication Service Provider’s new growth opportunity

Guest Wi-Fi Solution: Communication Service Provider’s new growth opportunity

        ‘Wi-Fi’ has become synonymous to internet. Although there are 3G/4G and broadband networks the most preferred one remains Wi-Fi due to its flexibility, agility and freedom of accessing high quality internet. Unlike GSM networks, Wi-Fi can reach in-premise as well as remote regions with backhaul infrastructure support. Urban users are particularly more intense consumers whether Read More

Next- Gen Wi-Fi transforming mobility experience for carriers and enterprises


Technological advancements are accelerating, and the proliferation of digital channels is transforming the connectivity and mobility landscape. With Wi-Fi becoming the new age priority network partner operators too are evolving their businesses to include Wi-Fi in their roadmap. Users are forging their way ahead to grab an opportunity to access services through Wi-Fi. Amidst the Read More

Here’s why Wi-Fi is key enabler of IoT and M2M revolution

Here's why Wi-Fi is key enabler of IoT and M2M revolution

      The Internet of Things (IoT) has industry experts and consumers excited. Pegged as the next industrial revolution, or ‘the new internet’, IoT will lay the foundation of how businesses, governments and consumers interact with the world in near future. Research by Business Insider Intelligence projects over 34 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020 Read More

Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Solutions Revolution

Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Revolution

Meet us at Wireless Global Congress, Liverpool Global Wi-Fi Market is forecasted to grow to 33.6 Billion USD by 2020 [1]. Ever imagined what would be your share from this anticipated net worth? With the digitization fuelling in, by 2020, smartphones will represent 48.1% of global mobile-connected devices in use, and generate 80.8% of total Read More

The Wi-Fi landscape is changing…FASTA FASTA

The Wi-Fi landscape is changing...FASTA FASTA in Africa

Africa is participating in the telecom revolution as aggressively as the rest of the world albeit at a higher phase cycle. The late start gives it an advantage to enter directly with next-gen services rather than evolving from the analogue stage. The markets and user demands in Africa are quick to shift towards digital services. Read More

Wi-Fi Portals-Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

Wi-Fi Portals - Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

         It is rightly said, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. This thought very well holds true for the CSPs as well in terms of creating their impression on their customers. There are many customer facing platforms in the market which helps CSPs to befriend their customer by making their user Read More

Reloading Wi-Fi Offload – It’s show time for Telcos with Mobile Wi-Fi Convergence

Reloading Wi-Fi Offload – It’s show time for Telcos with Mobile Wi-Fi Convergence

     The digital era has empowered us with the ability to stay connected while mobile. Handheld smart devices has led to explosive surge in consumption of mobile data coupled with easy access to bandwidth intensive applications, which has resulted into clogging of mobile networks. A worrying situation for Telcos, indeed! Suddenly, Wi-Fi, a decades old technology Read More

Know 4 ways how Wi-Fi is smarter in monetisation models

Know 4 ways how Wi-Fi is smarter in monetisation models

      A t-shirt proclaimed ‘I don’t need you, I have Wi-Fi’. In this digital world, Wi-Fi is almost the staple bread of the data hungry world.  With such flair, Wi-Fi has taken the telecom landscape by storm reshaping and impacting the strategies for many telcos. Moreover, in the buzz of many cities from across the globe Read More

MWC 2016 key take-away: Know how CSPs can Innovate, Optimize and Differentiate in a Wi-Fi World


     With the Mobile World Congress 2016 is abuzz as the event reaches its culmination. We have been able to witness new technological advancement, demos, several product launches, exciting announcements for the road ahead. The entire mobile industry is embarking on the journey of transformation and pioneering the digital disruption. Looking closely at the snapshot of Read More

Seize the Wi- Fi moment at MWC 2016


As the Mobile market continues to mature up more revenue opportunities are generated for mobile network operators, who are raring to monetize services. This is very well evident in the trend – everything is mobile, be it Finance, Healthcare, Education, Communication, Security, Home automation. Few new services are untouched by a mobile component, which is Read More