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Digitalizing the Analogue assets or really going the Digital way?

Digitalizing the Analogue assets or really going the Digital way ?

Since the advent of Internet era, Telecommunication has been by far one of the most exciting and challenging sectors that survives and thrives on continuous innovation. Today, CSPs are facing tough times in keeping pace with the speed of transformation to Digital Service Providers (DSPs), which essentially means offering a digital experience in real time Read More

3 pillars of BSS transformation: Agility, Customer experience, Efficiency

History suggests that CSPs have a pedigree of innovation and adaptation to changing dynamics. Even as consumers we have witnessed, accompanying changes in CSPs efficiency with the network, technology and the customer base. CSPs braced technologies, which made them more efficient, faster and more profitable – improvements to the customer proposition were incidental. However, evolving Read More

INDIA Unplugged: the rise of Wi-Fi


It won’t be incorrect if we say that Internet has become one of our basic needs of daily life like food, water, and shelter. Increasing number of smart phones and wearable devices are one of the driving factors in the growth of Wi-Fi market; particularly, in fast developing countries such as India. As per the Read More

CSPs Revenue Sharing Model for Digital Partner Settlement -2

CSPs Revenue Sharing Model for Digital Partner Settlement

       In continuation with our previous Blog CSPs Revenue Sharing Model for Digital Partner Settlement, we had identified three types of revenue sharing models i.e. Fixed Rate, Revenue Sharing and Hybrid. Let us explore all the three models in detail. A)    Fixed-rate B2B2C Model: Operator is able to prioritize the delivery of certain services in case Read More

CSPs Revenue Sharing Model for Digital Partner Settlement

CSPs Revenue Sharing Model for Digital Partner Settlement

       To stay relevant and competitive, Communications Service Providers are embracing the digital journey to evolve into Digital Service Providers. And their digital transformation journey is incomplete without their partners too joining in. Rise of inclusive technologies, business expansion dynamics and subscribers’ acceptance of new life style has created an ecosystem of network providers, content creators, Read More

MVNOs resurgence in India

MVNOs resurgence in India

       With 1.2Bn telecom subscriptions India’s telecom market is 2nd largest in the world after China. It can, perhaps, be characterized as large and over competitive market due to high density of service providers leading to one of the lowest call rates, consequently, declining revenues, higher operating and high regulatory costs above all this. Moreover, the Read More

Telcos 2020 and OSS/BSS of future


There are major trend that will impact the explosion of connected devices and add billions of new connected data sources globally by 2020:5G, M2M, IoT, Smart Cities, AI and VR. The upswing of all of these devices will be an astronomical growth in data volumes; we will quickly push through exabyte volumes and enter the Read More

Rise of MVNO market in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand

Rise of MVNO market in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand

MVNOs have been around since the launch of first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) i.e. Virgin Mobile, UK in 1999. According to GSMA intelligence, as of the end of 2015, the world’s Mobile Network Operator (MNOs) hosted 1038 MVNOs and 277 MNO sub-brands. But the recent gains – according to latest estimates the global MVNO Read More



Telecom industry is at the forefront of leading the transformation the world is witnessing. With the evolving technologies and surging demand for data, solution providers will be addressing the needs of expanding broadband infrastructure and as well as business enablement requirements. The telecom focused companies may need to offer capabilities which straddle across all the Read More



       In our last post we covered how 5G can open up monetization opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and also touched upon how 5G will be a catalyst to the IoT/M2M segments, where sensor technology would take the center stage as an overlay over faster networks. The Internet of Things is the pulse of businesses, Read More