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Significance of Self-Care in Digital Transformation Era

Significance of Self-Care in Digital Transformation Era

Telecom landscape is changing with exponential growth in smartphone usage. Operators are looking for smarter ways to use digital technologies to connect and engage with subscribers. It is time for telecom operators to widen their portfolio of self-care applications to enable automated interactions and provide seamless customer experience. In our previous blog – Why seamless Read More

Why seamless self-care should be a top priority for telcos?


     In the last few years, the impact of digital technology and the need for digital transformation have been the hot topics in almost all industry forums and events. This is mainly because, the wider application of digital technology and the way it extends the scope of existing technologies have made it imperative for all industries Read More

Serving customer an experience,the Omni-channel way

Serving customer an experience, the Omni-channel way

It is rightly said that “It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one”. In today’s digital era, all products and services should be ‘Served’ keeping the customer at the centre of the product offering. Telco customers are no different, they want the access to operator’s services at a time and Read More

Next Gen O/BSS can seize the Broadband opportunity for operators

Next Gen O/BSS can seize the Broadband opportunity for operators

                  The Wireline broadband connectivity is providing a host of new opportunities to every corner of the world. The high speed Internet has led to the spread of information at lightning speed, resulting in the development of knowledge societies, which eventually leads to a connected world and Read More

“App’ic Portfolio of CSPs in the time of digital economy

“App’ic Portfolio of CSPs in the time of digital economy

Growth of Data consumption, smart phones and smart devices have also led the mobile apps ecosystem boost. There is a mobile app for everything every imagination and activity. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who are the key drivers of digital economy can leverage this opportunity; as studies have shown that users like using mobile apps because Read More

Customer Experience – a key MVNO Differentiator – To win in the competitive battlefield

Customer Experience- a key MVNO Differentiator

The number of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are on the rise, as they make better business sense. But to stay ahead and remain competitive, MVNOs need to focus on creating a differentiated customer experience. Here’s the prime reason – Offering low cost innovative services that once made the MVNOs successful are no longer a Read More

6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care


    With the exponential growth of Smartphone users, operators are looking for ways and means to proactively communicate and engage with their customers. In addition to the traditional ways of communicating with the users, a latest customer care tool has opened up new avenues for such communication. A support tool trend of Mobile Self Care is Read More