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SDN and NFV: The mantra for customer centric CSPs


       One of the significant catalyst to hasten the historical transformation in Communication services is the shift from infrastructure to the software-defined technology – a programmable model, pioneered by the leading cloud providers. How the Communication Service provider (CSP) design and deploy this transition will define their business to survive and thrive in the coming years. Read More

Where mobility evolves

Where mobility evolves

                It’s that time of the year! MWC is where history is written and future is made. Global Vendors, Operators, Media, Analyst, from across the Communication ecosystem are present at this mega event. It’s all set to start the latest edition of MWC 2017 from 27th Feb to Read More

NFV Promises Express Delivery

NFV Promises Express Delivery

Smartphones brought in data tsunami, which the operators are still struggling to get out off and the era of digital immediacy has again disrupted the flow. The customer is now more aware and highly demanding as he has much more to choose from and consume. The customers are changing. They have moved ahead and transformed Read More

Know Carrier NFV and the Orchestration Intricacies

Carriers are witnessing a trend that’s transformational rather than incremental in nature. Changing the way it’s deployed, managed and operated. This overhauling trend is “NFV – Network Function Virtualization”. Traditional architecture has long deployment cycles, costly replacements/add-ons to meet new requirements.  With limited capability to adapt dynamically to new service opportunities and use cases, inflexibilities Read More

Dynamic QoS for the Mobile World

Dynamic QoS for the Mobile World

      In the backdrop of data demand explosion, there is the need felt by operators to differentiate through customer experience. Operators need to find out ways to manage and optimize their networks while managing and improving profits. This is where Policy Charging Rating Function (PCRF)  will claim a pivotal role in decision making of Chief Technology Read More

Virtualization: The need of the day for the Next Generation AAA

Virtualization-The need of the day for the Next Generation AAA

Earlier, Network servers used to be hosted on dedicated servers and they were quite reliable too. With the changing times though, the servers need to grow up to be dynamic and free of dependence on hardware vendors for quick expansion. Latest statistics throw up drastic increase in numbers of mobile devices accessing networks for not Read More

NFV: The Bridge for CSP’s Success


Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) is not a concept, which has come into development recently. It has been around since 2012 when Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile, BT, AT&T and many other Telcos introduced the concept of NFV. The goal of NFV is to separate hardware from applications to eliminate the dedicated hardware devices for network functions, Read More