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A Journey from ISP to MSO

A Journey from ISP to MSO

There are over 3.42 billion internet users, and it is expected that data consumption will surpass the 1000 Exabyte’s [EB] threshold. The data consumption is increasing at a staggering pace, but surprisingly Internet Service Providers’ ARPU is not. Due to fierce competition from Telcos, MSOs, OTT Players users are spoilt for choice resulting into high Read More

Time to revive India Wireline Broadband: Innovative solutions to do the trick


      We have witnessed a whole lot of innovation of cool services in the last decade – Google created intelligent search engine, Facebook brought us closure to the world of social networking, YouTube became our online video repository, Wikipedia and IMDB placed the knowledge over web for everyone’s access. Amid all this innovations Wireline Broadband was Read More

Stimulating Growth for Telecoms – Co-existence of Wi-Fi with other Technologies

Stimulating Growth for Telecoms – Co-existence of Wi-Fi with other Technologies With an ever increasing number of mobile broadband data surge at the customer level and bandwidth-intensive services competing for limited radio resources, Wi-Fi is no longer an option for the end-customers, but it is quickly becoming an only choice of technology which can deliver Read More

BSS Transformation Critical to Realizing Full Potential of LTE

Deployment of 4G LTE services on global scale is driving transformation of mobile service in creating new opportunities but at the same time, it is also putting forth complex challenges for the Communication Service Provider (CSP) community. One such huge challenge comes in the form of adapting their BSS solutions and services in order to Read More

Intelligent Data Monetization Services a Must for Meeting ‘Concept-to-Cash’ Requirements

The demand for innovation and higher revenue generation has yet to slow down. Today’s mobile network operators (MNOs) have found themselves amidst an ongoing digital revolution full of new and improved services like 4G, or Long Term Evolution (LTE), service. Therefore, operators with plans for LTE monetization must start executing their plans sooner rather than Read More

Weathering the LTE signaling storm calls for Diameter Signaling Controller

“Are you kidding me, you most definitely need it!” This is how your computer salesman will react if you’re naïve enough to question the role of a fast microprocessor in your brand new laptop. Imagine playing High-definition 3D games on your laptop powered by x86 processor, that too with several windows open! Transferring this analogy Read More

The Mobile Broadband Story

The ongoing 3G-4G evolution has opened a Pandora’s box of revenue threats for service providers as they struggle to find ways in accommodating the growing data appetite of next-generation smartphone users while trying to monetize the same. Enjoy this thrilling movie where you put yourself in the operator’s driving seat, trying to out-maneuver the data Read More