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Diameter Diaries: Introducing a Software-based Approach to the Signaling Environment

With the proliferation of next-generation devices, mobile operators are increasingly dealing with congestion, overload and latency in their networks due to nonstop signaling requests generated by chatty apps, video streaming and HD games. In a previous blog entry, we saw how Diameter signaling routers are addressing these problems as they enable faster and efficient communication Read More

Diameter Diaries: Time to decongest your network from chatty mobile apps

We wish a very happy and prosperous 2013 to all readers of this blog! Recently, in anticipation of New Year’s eve, major operators in Australia went to great lengths to keep subscribers happy; e.g. Telstra, one of the leading operators, added extra capacity in popular websites and in expectation of huge data traffic at the Read More

Weathering the LTE signaling storm calls for Diameter Signaling Controller

“Are you kidding me, you most definitely need it!” This is how your computer salesman will react if you’re naïve enough to question the role of a fast microprocessor in your brand new laptop. Imagine playing High-definition 3D games on your laptop powered by x86 processor, that too with several windows open! Transferring this analogy Read More