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Bandwidth management strategy-WHY?

Bandwidth management strategy- WHY?

Bandwidth management is the most complex and growing concern for majority of internet service providers. Some evolutionary internet trends and the rise of mobile technology are the triggers leading to the need of managing internet bandwidth efficiently. With increase in use of mobile devices and availability of internet service at public places, it is not Read More

Time to revive India Wireline Broadband: Innovative solutions to do the trick


      We have witnessed a whole lot of innovation of cool services in the last decade – Google created intelligent search engine, Facebook brought us closure to the world of social networking, YouTube became our online video repository, Wikipedia and IMDB placed the knowledge over web for everyone’s access. Amid all this innovations Wireline Broadband was Read More

Bandwidth on ‘whose’ demand- Customer or Operator?

Bandwidth on ‘whose’ demand- Customer or Operator?

Bandwidth requirements are growing rapidly because of the widespread acceptance of cloud computing, online video services, and mobile broadband. While the data usage is soaring but ROI on the network investment is still a big question because of either over utilization or under utilization of network efficiency. The concept of Bandwidth on Demand (BOD) has Read More