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Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Solutions Revolution

Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Revolution

Meet us at Wireless Global Congress, Liverpool Global Wi-Fi Market is forecasted to grow to 33.6 Billion USD by 2020 [1]. Ever imagined what would be your share from this anticipated net worth? With the digitization fuelling in, by 2020, smartphones will represent 48.1% of global mobile-connected devices in use, and generate 80.8% of total Read More

Analytics and IP Log Management System: A mandate to succeed

Analytics and IP Log Management System A mandate to succeed

     Like any other tool, internet can also be misused, abused to gain unfair advantage. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015–2020 – By the end of 2016, global IP traffic will reach 1.1 ZB (Zettabyte) per year, or 88.7 EB (Exabyte) per month, and by 2020 global IP traffic will reach 2.3 Read More

The Wi-Fi landscape is changing…FASTA FASTA

The Wi-Fi landscape is changing...FASTA FASTA in Africa

Africa is participating in the telecom revolution as aggressively as the rest of the world albeit at a higher phase cycle. The late start gives it an advantage to enter directly with next-gen services rather than evolving from the analogue stage. The markets and user demands in Africa are quick to shift towards digital services. Read More

Know Carrier NFV and the Orchestration Intricacies

Carriers are witnessing a trend that’s transformational rather than incremental in nature. Changing the way it’s deployed, managed and operated. This overhauling trend is “NFV – Network Function Virtualization”. Traditional architecture has long deployment cycles, costly replacements/add-ons to meet new requirements.  With limited capability to adapt dynamically to new service opportunities and use cases, inflexibilities Read More

Need for an IP Log Management System in Nigeria

Need for an IP Log Management System in Nigeria

Recent News articles show Nigeria at the receiving end of Cyber attacks and crimes. I t needs to be checked sooner than later. According to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), at present, there are over 147 million active mobile connections in Nigeria. As the number of mobile subscribers increase, there is a dramatic increase in cyber Read More

Enterprise Efficiency and Wi-Fi Trends

Enterprise Efficiency and Wi-Fi Trends

      It is increasingly becoming a good business sense to provide wireless internet connectivity in offices to aid as well as enhance business processes. It started with Wi-Fi connectivity being provided to customers and visitors only. But now, working practices have changed in enterprises. Nowadays, tools used for different business processes require Wi-Fi connection and so Read More