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Journey from Cable TV to Multi Service Operators (MSOs)

Image courtesy of anankkml at Cable Industry is witnessing a major change and has opened up a host of new opportunities for Cable Operator’s. There is a tremendous technology growth in new media which will revolutionize the end user experience in entertainment by offering access to new technology, superior content and other value added Read More

Wi-Fi calling Elevating Growth in Carrier Wi-Fi Business

As more and more smart devices are coming bundled with intelligent Wi-Fi capabilities, developments in applications such as Wi-Fi Calling is making Carrier Grade Wi-Fi as a keystone to operators success towards ensuring customer retention and increasing in-door network coverage. According to research reports, the global hotspot numbers are expected to grow to more than Read More

Operator’s to reinvent themselves with Digital Telco Transformation

Even though telecom industry has been at the front runner towards enabling digitization, yet the telecom segment lacks on having a formidable digital spirit towards enabling seamless interactive experience for its own set of customers. Today’s customers are increasingly getting used to receiving unique and innovative digital experiences. This is leading customers towards expecting similar Read More