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Retail Wi-Fi – The Leading edge for In-store Customer Engagement

Retail Wi-Fi – The Leading edge for In-store Customer Engagement Today’s consumers are increasingly getting smarter, aware and better informed. Technology aids them in their quest of information. They are actively experimenting with technology to gain information on their smartphones, laptops and other personal smart devices. To connect to these devices ubiquitous data accessibility, consumers Read More

LTE, the Next Frontier for Data and Voice

As next generation telecoms development is increasingly relying upon harnessing the power of data, a large number of telecom operators are looking forward to upgrading their networks to incorporate true next generation capabilities and this is where 4G LTE is fast gaining popularity as a favored technology and is surely becoming the next frontier for Read More

Cities Embrace Municipal Wi-Fi to Unravel New Opportunities

With the proliferation of smart devices, consumer data intake is growing and this is where operators need Wi-Fi in order to cater to this growing need of wireless data. Most of this wireless data is generated when users are stationary and indoors. Industry experts believe that most of operator investments will go to Wi-Fi in Read More

Operators Take the Next Leap Forward with M2M Billing Management

When M2M driven connected cars directly interact with parking service providers and hospitals deliver medical reports directly to customers, such complex M2M scenario will have to be dealt with next-gen M2M Billing infrastructure. Innovation will play a key role in terms of helping telecom operators achieve greater level of growth and creating market differentiation. And Read More

BSS on Cloud

Why Cloud based OSS/BSS will increase profitability for CSPs A cloud driven BSS model can ensure better engagement with operators, better manageability and deliver a much more focused and flexible business landscape for the operator At a time when communication service providers look for incorporating next generation competencies into their networks, cloud based OSS/BSS holds Read More

Say Hello to Wi-Fi Calling and Seize New Opportunities

With an ever increasing appetite for data consumption, today’s smartphone users are harnessing maximum advantage of utilizing the Wi-Fi networks around their ecosystems. Most of the latest smartphones available are also ‘Wi-Fi aware’ and guide the devices towards better Wi-Fi coverage automatically. In this scenario, Wi-Fi calling holds great potential for users to utilise Wi-Fi Read More

Navigating the Digital Storm Worldwide – LTE

As global operators move towards a data driven era, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is fast becoming the de facto standard, when it comes to maximizing their returns from their network investment as well as enabling better data driven services for their end customers. Hence a lot of telecom experts opine that LTE will become a Read More