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Technology trends that will Shape Up Operators’ Business in 2015

As we approach the end of another year, let us have at a list of five trends that we expect to gain momentum in the year ahead and look forward to as the telecom industry continues to evolve. #1: VIRTUALIZED NETWORKS EXPECTED TO ACCELERATE IMPETUS IN 2015 #2: DATA ANALYTICS WILL BECOME A KEY DRIVER Read More

Sponsored Data Heralding Innovative Business Model for Operators

  Sponsored Data Plans can enable cheaper or even free internet access for an operator’s subscriber base and create stronger bonding. Imagine a scenario where a telecom subscriber gets all the powers that come with Internet, at a subsidized rate or even free of cost – this is what ‘Sponsored Data’ is all about and Read More

Public Wi-Fi takes Center Stage as Carriers’ Next Big Strategy

  To meet subscribers’  demand for ‘Anytime, Anywhere‘ connectivity,  operators are connecting Carrier Wi-Fi to public places like Hospitality, Cafes, Airports, Stadiums, Malls, Event Venues, Airplanes, Metro Stations, Government & Educational Institutions and more. Operators are continuously exploring Public Wi-Fi opportunities to deliver enhanced user experience and generate revenue streams by offering differentiated services to their subscribers. Read More

Shared Wallet: Driving Flexibility and User Convenience

Operators can enable next generation ease of use and deliver unique flexibility to their customers with the help of ‘Shared Wallet’ data plans. With mobile data making deep inroads in to the mobile usage patterns of the end user community, mobile data subscribers are increasingly moving away from the single-device and single plan model; as Read More

Unlocking new Opportunities with Cloud managed Wi-Fi

Cloud computing and various kinds of applications and services that can be offered on the cloud are gaining popularity day by day. According to a leading analyst firm, Enterprise cloud services revenue will grow to $31.9 billion worldwide by 2017. With the technological evolution and considering the scale of variety of offerings available on cloud, Read More

VoLTE v/s OTT (VOIP) – the future of Voice Communication

Is it really going to affect you? Let’s find out. Wireless operators across the world are retreating from their older networks and are replacing them with new super speedy 4G LTE networks. However they still face the voice challenge for LTE waiting for VoLTE to become a viable commercial alternative. Industry experts predict that around Read More

Simplified Operations, Amplified Possibilities: Cloud PCRF

Today a number industries and business verticals are realizing the power of cloud computing and NFV. PCRF is among the first Network Field Application that is being virtualized and cloud ready. Operators can do more activities around data services, while utilizing cloud based PCRF solutions. With clearly visible advantages around better manageability and controls, cloud Read More

Stimulating Growth for Telecoms – Co-existence of Wi-Fi with other Technologies

Stimulating Growth for Telecoms – Co-existence of Wi-Fi with other Technologies With an ever increasing number of mobile broadband data surge at the customer level and bandwidth-intensive services competing for limited radio resources, Wi-Fi is no longer an option for the end-customers, but it is quickly becoming an only choice of technology which can deliver Read More