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Achieving Big Gains – Mobile Advertising, Monetized by Wi-Fi

Mobile Advertising is emerging as a preferred option for telecom operators who are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their revenue streams. Reaching out to consumers with advertising based on Wi-Fi access holds great potential to revolutionize the economics of mobile advertising. With access technology behind its back, Wi-Fi can provide much more accurate Read More

BSS Transformation Critical to Realizing Full Potential of LTE

Deployment of 4G LTE services on global scale is driving transformation of mobile service in creating new opportunities but at the same time, it is also putting forth complex challenges for the Communication Service Provider (CSP) community. One such huge challenge comes in the form of adapting their BSS solutions and services in order to Read More

Wi-Fi Roaming: Paving the Way for Carrier Wi-Fi

Smart Devices have revolutionized the way we live. Wi-Fi has enabled internet access and ‘anytime-anywhere’ connectivity at a touch of a button. This interrelated demand of ‘mobility’ and ‘connectivity’ certainly defines the expectations of today’s consumers, who prefer to use Wi-Fi, as opposed to their 3G or 4G network, to consume and share data. However, Read More

Propelling Monetization Opportunities for MSOs with Innovative Billing

Cable Industry is witnessing major changes and huge opportunities have emerged due to growth and technology. With reforms like cable digitization, growth in new media, impact of digital technologies and distribution and other technological changes happening at a rapid speed, a new world of innovations is certainly on rise. Marking a paradigm shift in the Read More