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Breaking the Barriers of Wi-Fi Monetization for MNOs

As a mobile network operator (MNO), your company supplies essential Wi-Fi service to business owners. But are you profiting as much as you can off of the network access that you are supplying? Here are three ways that you can better monetize the services that you offer: Network location awareness (NLA): NLA services collect user Read More

The Perks of an Online Charging System (OCS) for Billing Operators

As a telecommunications service provider, you need to offer more than basic connectivity  for your end users. You need to provide strong customer service, too. Billing needs to be offered in real-time and it should reflect the customer’s most current usage in order to mitigate confusion delays in payment—and ensure that you get the compensation Read More

Three Compelling Reasons for Cable MSOs to Think About Convergent Billing and Revenue Management leading to Triple Play services

Although there is plenty of business potential for cable multiservice operators (MSOs) to monetize  Cable/Pay TV, Broadband, VOIP (Offering 3P- Triple Play) and other services that they offer, they face some serious challenges with regards to revenue leakage and end-customer experience. They are also facing huge customer churn and the business opportunities to big DTH operators.  Managing partnership with Read More

Powering Monetization for Wi-Fi networks

Better intelligence driven data analytics techniques are providing a solid platform for operators to increase their chances of monetizing their networks With more and more operators moving towards an era of heterogeneous networks, where different technologies such as 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi coexist, it is increasingly getting down to their ability to monetize subscriber Read More