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Analytics Can Monetize Big Data for Telecoms

Intelligent Analytics tools and applications can address Big Data challenge for operators and push their profitability ahead Big Data is gaining momentum as far as IT world is concerned and it is fast making its way into the telecom world as well, while the definition of Big Data is different for IT and telecom domains, Read More

Role of PCRF for Next Generation network

Policy and charging rules function (PCRF)—policy equipment for bandwidth and charging on multimedia networks—supports service data flow protection, policy enforcement and flow-based charging. The technology works by accessing and aggregating a number of information sources, such as subscriber databases and operational support systems (OSS), to determine accurate pricing models for mobile network operators (MNOs) looking Read More

Innovating Connectivity with LTE – Wi-Fi Interworking

At a time when end customers look for high-speed data to power their new age device form factors, operators look for cost effective methodologies to enable this growing thirst for data and also put efforts to ease out pressure from their networks. This data intensive challenge can successfully be met by innovating on delivering connectivity Read More

Pre-integrated BSS Solution Gets Greenfield Service Providers to Market Faster with LTE

Greenfield deployments—network installations where none previously existed—offer service providers ample competitive advantages and revenue opportunities. But speed is key in this process, and getting to market fast is exceedingly important given today’s ever-competitive marketplace. Therefore, Greenfield service providers looking to launch their new Long Term Evolution (LTE) data services should rely on complete, pre-integrated stacks Read More

Decoding Public Wi-Fi

As today’s operators find it hard to cope with the data deluge, they need to decode Wi-Fi and make this wonderful technology work for them in a better manner Not long ago, there was a time when the Wi-Fi symbol used to be found only at select coffee shops in big cities to indicate that Read More

Intelligent Data Monetization Services a Must for Meeting ‘Concept-to-Cash’ Requirements

The demand for innovation and higher revenue generation has yet to slow down. Today’s mobile network operators (MNOs) have found themselves amidst an ongoing digital revolution full of new and improved services like 4G, or Long Term Evolution (LTE), service. Therefore, operators with plans for LTE monetization must start executing their plans sooner rather than Read More

Driving ‘Monetization Mojo’ from Wi-Fi

With an array of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc supporting Wi-Fi connectivity, it has truly become a need for operators to invest in harnessing this technology with their cellular networks. Driving this need are almost all major connectivity markets such as travel, hospitality, retail, sports events, entertainment, healthcare, education and more, and hence Read More

Four Things to Look for When Selecting a LTE Billing Vendor

Over the past few years, there has been an explosive growth in data traffic across wireless networks as customers use smartphones and tablets to not only access emails and check social media, but also to stream videos and do their online shopping. According to research from Cisco Systems, in 2013, mobile networks carried nearly 18 Read More

Three Things About Intelligent Offloading That MNOs Need to Know

Mobile network operators (MNOs), or wireless service providers, that are worth their salt will arm themselves with an intelligent data offloading strategy to stay relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace. The need for this is simple: The continued proliferation of Internet-connected devices, like smartphones and tablets, encourages greater data consumption. And as more data is Read More