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Intelligent Wi-Fi Offload Creates New Opportunities for Operators

As mobile data traffic continues to grow at an incredible pace, a new issue is emerging for many operators: how can they expand capacity to meet the demands on the network without incurring a significant rise in CAPEX and OPEX? For many, the best solution is mobile data offload, which allows users to switch from Read More

Legacy Systems Not Ready for LTE, Other Advanced Services

Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband—although still in the early stages of deployment—is growing significantly, with more than 450 commercial rollouts of the technology reported in more than 130 countries around the world. It is extremely attractive to both customers and operators because of its incredible speed; LTE can reach 30 Mbps and advanced LTE Read More

Monetizing Wi-Fi: Think Beyond the User

The widespread availability of Wi-Fi-enabled devices—including smartphones, PCs and tablets—has led to enormous demand for reliable and cost-effective Wi-Fi services across the globe. As a result, operators are refining their strategies and deploying Wi-Fi networks in greater numbers to help grown their bottom line. Monetizing Wi-Fi, therefore, has become a huge priority. The technology provides Read More