How Intelligent AAA Can Re-imagine User Experience for Operators

At a time when telecom operators and communication service providers increasingly look for better ways to elevate the level of customer experience and deliver true mobility, smart AAA functionalities can create a solid platform. The operators can deliver a true next generation customer experience to their subscribers on such platforms. Fast emergence of next generation Read More

How to choose right MVNE Platform?


   With technological advancements in smart mobile devices and mobile broadband speed, there is an ever growing demand for 3G and LTE enabled services; which has provided a stage for new operators to enter into the market with their own plans to accommodate the needs of large subscriber base. But entering into the cellular world Read More

Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – 2

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With smart devices funnelling large volumes of data into telecom networks, operators and communication service providers are looking at innovative ways to deliver their services and at the same time monetize on their network investments – this is where Wi-Fi is becoming their biggest ally and delivering unique value proposition to their customers. In Continuation Read More

Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – Part I


With the communication service providers increasingly adopting Wi-Fi to strengthen their network efficiency – there is much more to what Wi-Fi can offer to the operator community. We are presenting some of the ways, Wi-Fi can kick-start the monetization wheel for operators.  1) Wi-Fi drives Mobile Data Offloading As operators and CSPs grapple with humongous Read More

Billing as a Service – all about increased agility and productivity


BaaS holds great potential and can aid unparalleled operational efficiencies for operators.  In today’s scenario, telecoms business dynamics are changing fast and new age Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) are looking for ways and means to reduce operational costs and streamline their operations. Taking a cue from such situations, CSPs are increasingly looking at different options Read More

How Carriers Can Re-imagine Innovation with Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

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With a number of telecom operators vying to optimize their network infrastructure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi has emerged as a great technology of choice that can drive communication service providers towards better utilization of their resources and at the same time, be innovative towards data delivery for their customers. As a result, the whole of year 2014 Read More

Winning the OTT Battle, the Monetization Way


Today’s telecom operators are ready to partner with OTT players, rather than taking them as their competition – and create innovative monetization models Few years ago; to place a phone call, you picked up your phone, dialed a number and paid the operator charges. Today’s consumers have multiple choices on how they communicate via text Read More

Wi-Fi – Scripting a Revolution in Internet of Things (IoT)

Wi-Fi – Scripting a Revolution in Internet of Things (IoT)

As a number of research organisations are predicting, we will soon be finding ourselves amidst more than 50 billion connected things by the end of year 2020. This is a phenomenal figure and is being powered by a number of Internet of Things commonly known as IoT concepts around connecting multiple planes of devices, objects Read More

Self Care Service the next frontier in enhancing profitability for telecoms

With the exponential growth of smartphones and next generation networks, operators are looking for smarter ways to connect and engage with their subscribers and this is where the concept of ‘self-care’ is helping operators in terms of uplifting their APRU by enabling self-service user interface. At a time when end customers look for better experience Read More

Transforming Customer Experience to Customer Delight – Wi-Fi making it all Seamless and Simple

Today’s stretched work lifestyles often mean that people take their work with them and are expected to get their job done, even when they are on the move. This thirst to connect, work and communicate – on the go – is being quenched by Wi-Fi as this is one access technology that is fast becoming Read More