Evolving In-Room Entertainment Trend in Hospitality Segment

Evolving In-Room Entertainment Trend in Hospitality Segment

     The technology is rapidly evolving every year with the surge of smart devices and applications launched in the market. A few years back, internet facility in the hotel was a hot topic, but now it has become a necessity. With the increasing number of online media facilities and smart devices, even the hospitality segment has Read More

Bill Shock Prevention! Take the Shock away

Bill Shock Prevention! Take the Shock away…

     Let me share a scenario – Mary a postpaid customer received her bill, she noticed she was unexpectedly charged $34,000 for international data and texting while visiting her sister in Haiti after the 2009 earthquake. Mary was clueless and was shocked to see the usage charges. As a result, neither did she pay those bills Read More

An ‘App’ic story: Mobile Apps rejuvenating the Wi-Fi ecosystem


      In today’s scenario, telecom operators are looking forward to extending their reach, while adding value towards their customers in order to revitalize their growth strategy. And Wi-Fi is becoming quite central to achieve this goal. Wi-Fi is fast becoming ubiquitous. People constantly scan for Wi-Fi hotspots and are looking for free Wi-Fi wherever possible. It Read More

Bandwidth on ‘whose’ demand- Customer or Operator?

Bandwidth on ‘whose’ demand- Customer or Operator?

Bandwidth requirements are growing rapidly because of the widespread acceptance of cloud computing, online video services, and mobile broadband. While the data usage is soaring but ROI on the network investment is still a big question because of either over utilization or under utilization of network efficiency. The concept of Bandwidth on Demand (BOD) has Read More

Operators can rationalize and prepare for a agile product management.


                    In today’s real-time data driven operator scenario, every telecom service must create next generation products and services in shorter time to push ability of differentiating products and services, and gain headstart advanatge against competitors while maximizing their revenue streams. Business processes are feeling the heat Read More

Know Wi-Fi Aware – the proximity connect with personalized experience

Know Wi-Fi Aware - the proximity connect with personalized experience

Wi-Fi Aware will bring proximity-based service discovery to Wi-Fi devices and as a result, smart devices will be aware of nearby services even before connecting to internet As today’s consumers are getting overwhelmed with connected social, local and mobile applications, Wi-Fi is fast becoming the glue that is weaving different applications in a single thread Read More

NFV: The Bridge for CSP’s Success


Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) is not a concept, which has come into development recently. It has been around since 2012 when Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile, BT, AT&T and many other Telcos introduced the concept of NFV. The goal of NFV is to separate hardware from applications to eliminate the dedicated hardware devices for network functions, Read More

Top Three Challenges in Deploying Public Wi-fi Hotspots

Top Three Challenges in Deploying Public Wi-fi Hotspots

  Wi-Fi Hotspots Offering internet access over a wireless network has become the necessity nowadays at coffee shops, airports, shopping malls, and other public places. Wi-fi hotspots are continuously increasing at public places providing high-quality connectivity to end-users. Some wi-fi hotspots offer free wi-fi services, while some offer paid. With the increasing demand for Public Wi-Fi Read More

6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care


    With the exponential growth of Smartphone users, operators are looking for ways and means to proactively communicate and engage with their customers. In addition to the traditional ways of communicating with the users, a latest customer care tool has opened up new avenues for such communication. A support tool trend of Mobile Self Care is Read More

Leverage Wi-Fi with Advertising platform

Leverage Wi-fi with Advertising platform.

Advertisements taking a leap, revolutionizing the model of Wi-Fi monetization At a time when there is a phenomenal increase in the usage of smart devices, customers are looking forward to data rich experience. In such a scenario CSPs are facing a challenge of delivering real-time personalized content driven experience to their customers. At the same Read More