Top Three Challenges in Deploying Public Wi-fi Hotspots

Top Three Challenges in Deploying Public Wi-fi Hotspots

  Wi-Fi Hotspots Offering internet access over a wireless network has become the necessity nowadays at coffee shops, airports, shopping malls, and other public places. Wi-fi hotspots are continuously increasing at public places providing high-quality connectivity to end-users. Some wi-fi hotspots offer free wi-fi services, while some offer paid. With the increasing demand for Public Wi-Fi Read More

6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care


    With the exponential growth of Smartphone users, operators are looking for ways and means to proactively communicate and engage with their customers. In addition to the traditional ways of communicating with the users, a latest customer care tool has opened up new avenues for such communication. A support tool trend of Mobile Self Care is Read More

Leverage Wi-Fi with Advertising platform

Leverage Wi-fi with Advertising platform.

Advertisements taking a leap, revolutionizing the model of Wi-Fi monetization At a time when there is a phenomenal increase in the usage of smart devices, customers are looking forward to data rich experience. In such a scenario CSPs are facing a challenge of delivering real-time personalized content driven experience to their customers. At the same Read More

How CSPs can Ignite Spark in a M2M/IoT era with right Solution?

How CSPs can Ignite Spark in a M2M/IoT era with right Solution?

Driven by the huge number of possibilities and innovations that can be scripted with the help of Internet of Things or IoT, this space is getting hotter day by day and holds tremendous potential for Communication Service Provider (CSPs) to create next generation solutions around IoT. CSPs are quickly evolving from a day in which Read More

Wi-Fi First-The Disruptive Spark Catches On


With an exponential growth in the wireless data intake at the consumer level, telecom operators have started to look at Wi-Fi in a completely new way – the ‘Wi-Fi First Way’. This is a new trend of driving cellular operations where Wi-Fi access technology is automatically given the first preference to deliver connectivity for the Read More

Secured and Seamless Availability in a Hotel is the Key To Win Guest Satisfaction

Secured and Seamless Availability in a Hotel is the Key To Win Guest Satisfaction

  One thing that can dramatically increase guest satisfaction staying in a hotel is secured and swift wi-fi service facility. People want free wi-fi during their hotel stay A recent study reveals that more than 90% of business travelers staying in a hotel desire wi-fi access in their rooms, lobbies, and other areas. More than 35% Read More

How Intelligent AAA Can Re-imagine User Experience for Operators

At a time when telecom operators and communication service providers increasingly look for better ways to elevate the level of customer experience and deliver true mobility, smart AAA functionalities can create a solid platform. The operators can deliver a true next generation customer experience to their subscribers on such platforms. Fast emergence of next generation Read More

How to choose right MVNE Platform?


   With technological advancements in smart mobile devices and mobile broadband speed, there is an ever growing demand for 3G and LTE enabled services; which has provided a stage for new operators to enter into the market with their own plans to accommodate the needs of large subscriber base. But entering into the cellular world Read More

Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – 2

Concluding contract

With smart devices funnelling large volumes of data into telecom networks, operators and communication service providers are looking at innovative ways to deliver their services and at the same time monetize on their network investments – this is where Wi-Fi is becoming their biggest ally and delivering unique value proposition to their customers. In Continuation Read More

Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – Part I


With the communication service providers increasingly adopting Wi-Fi to strengthen their network efficiency – there is much more to what Wi-Fi can offer to the operator community. We are presenting some of the ways, Wi-Fi can kick-start the monetization wheel for operators.  1) Wi-Fi drives Mobile Data Offloading As operators and CSPs grapple with humongous Read More